CrossFit focuses on general physical preparedness which means that we as CrossFitters should be able to perform just about any task that is set out for us. As we progress though our CrossFit journey, we often find certain things we like and certain things we are not so crazy about. Some of us gravitate towards Olympic lifting, some to power lifting, some to gymnastics, some to cardio respiratory endurance, and some to pure metabolic conditioning. When we choose to focus our effort in one specific area, we tend to get better at that particular area. The problem is that all the other areas tend to suffer.

If you have a 500 pound deadlift and run a 12 minute mile, that is a bit of a problem, just as big a problem as running a 5 minute mile and deadlifting a solid 135. As CrossFitters, it is important to be strong, but not at the expense of speed. It is also important to be able to move your body through space (think gymnastics). This means having control over your movement and understanding how you move. If you spend all your time with a barbell, you will be great at moving external objects, but not necessarily great at moving yourself through space.

Whether you do CrossFit because you want to look good, because you want to perform better at your chosen sport or because CrossFit is your sport and you want to go to the CrossFit games, you have to remember you are only as good as your weakest link. If you want to continually improve you need to play a game of search and destroy with your weaknesses. The daily WOD is an incredible tool for finding those weaknesses. Did the push-ups destroy you today? Figure out why and fix it. High rep Oly lifting destroying you? Do more of it, perfect the movement, and learn how to breathe through it so you can keep going.

Whatever weaknesses you find (and you’ll always find them), that is what you need to work on to improve. The unfortunate part is it’s probably not the stuff you enjoy working on, but if you want to keep improving it’s what you need to do. So go work on your cardio respiratory endurance, your stamina, your strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. The better you get at each of those 10 general physical skills, the better you will be at CrossFit.