CrossFitters love numbers.  In boxes around the world people are talking about their Fran time, their max. deadlift, how many rounds of Cindy they can do, etc.  If you CrossFit, you know what I mean.  But sometimes in our quest go faster, lift more, and get more work done we make compromises in our movements.  If we make big enough compromises, over enough time we can end up hurt.  Let me clarify that hurt isn’t injured.  You can still work out when you’re hurt – you can’t when you’re injured. It’s more the nagging pain that won’t go away, that slows you down and makes you back off on your lifts.

Sometimes it makes sense to back off the weight and scale back on the intensity, and focus on movement.  Taking a step back can be difficult, especially when you hear the “3,2,1 GO!”  But by going lighter and focusing on moving well, you can retrain yourself to move properly, strengthen any weak areas, and avoid a similar problem  in the future.  There are a few ways you can go about backing off on a movement.  You can assess your own weaknesses and do it as a preemptive measure.  You can listen to your coach when they tell you to fix a movement.  You can wait until you are hurt and then work on fixing the problem.  All of these are effective, but two of them don’t require you to get hurt.

Once you have decided to fix your movement, talk to your coaches.  They will be happy to help you improve.  Once you are moving better you can then re-introduce load to the equation, and once you are okay with the load you can layer in the intensity.  If at any point your movement gets worse, take a step back and make sure you are solid at the previous step before moving forward.

Sometimes taking a step back is the only way  to move forward, so if you feel like your progress has stalled with certain movements or you have an ache/pain that just won’t  go away, it may be time to reassess your movement to get things back on the right track.