Member Spotlight: Camilo Hernandez

When did you start CrossFit?
I began my journey in January 2013 right after the holidays. The first WOD I did was Chelsea.

Why did you start CrossFit?
I was at that moment in my life where everything that I was doing to try to lose weight wasn’t working. I was tired of feeling bad about myself, I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. One of my friends at the Canadian Forces asked if I wanted to try something called CrossFit. At the time he was doing it in Oshawa but he had enough equipment at the base to do it so he would do some WODs there along with a few other people. I decided to try it and felt great! I felt challenged after each WOD I would do and I knew that I was hooked, that I’d never go to a regular gym again. His schedule changed and I wasn’t able to wod with him and the rest of the members so I decided to look for a place. That’s when I found Full Metal CrossFit (formerly Square One CrossFit). I felt welcomed and formed some great friendships. I love the people especially the girls and that’s it. I am here and I am not going anywhere!

What’s your favourite movement?
First of all I would like to say, I hate running! I might be fast but I don’t like it. Over the last 3 yrs I have been developing a lot of love and hate relationships with many of movements. I love Power Cleans, OH Squat, and Pistols but my favourite movement is Wall balls. Dennis! Let’s do KAREN!!!!!!!

Christmas Abbot and Jackie Perez are both being chased by zombies. Who do you help first? This is very mean, unfair and tough!! They are both ridiculously gorgeous. I follow them on Facebook and Instagram. After reviewing their pictures one more time I have to say I would help Jackie Perez. The reason why I would save her is because she has a great smile……..

What’s so special about your beloved 6am class?
Cause that’s a crazy time to train. Jajaja CrossFit is such an important part of my life so I have to make time for it and usually that means having to come in at 6am. I love every single person at the box but there is something about the 6am group that goes beyond love. It is such a small crew but we are so close. We all start our morning with a great chat in the change room and if Brett is changing, it’s a special treat because his calves are gorgeous. We don’t know the wod until 5 or 10 minutes after 6 because the coach has to write on the board so we all gather together in front until we find out. By that time Emin is walking into the box . If he doesn’t show up 10 minutes after 6 we all know he is not coming. We warm up and stretch as a family especially if we have to share Emin’s pole (Inside joke). Before each WOD we asked each other what weight we are going to use and how are we going to break the reps. As soon the coach says 3-2-1 go we forget we are a family and the competitiveness begins. I will try to catch up with Luis on his pull ups and he will try to go ahead of me because he knows if he gives me a chance I will pass him during DU or a short run. Manny will take advantage of his power and destroy us during press day. Brett will complain how heavy his DL is and that’s why he has to go slow. Peter will keep pushing until the end, he will never give up. Darren is the one who always says.. “ohh I guess I am stronger than last time” and Emin well… Emin has his personal “Emin’s WOD” everyday jaja. When the WOD is over, we are all friends again! We sit down and talk about how well we did and what we need to work on next time. It’s the best part of my day

What keeps you coming back to FMCF? What keeps me coming back to FMFC is the people. It’s the community we have all built together. I do not see myself waking up and not coming to the box every day. This place is my second home, my temple my happy place and the place where I get to forget about everything in life. FMCF is part of me. Being here is like eating bacon, it’s never enough.

Any advice for a someone new trying CrossFit?
CrossFit might seem “Dangerous” and you see many things online but it is not true. CrossFit is for everyone. Do not give up on your goals. We are all here for one reason and that is to get healthy and to stay in shape. We all help each other and encourage each other. CrossFit will change your life if you stick with it.