Member Spotlight: Dan McGarigle

How long have you been crossfitting?
3 years, on and off.

What made you want to start crossfitting?
I started working out at a conventional gym to prepare for The Ride to Conquer Cancer. However, one can only take so much of 45 mind numbing minutes on the treadmill every day. This guy Dennis (aka Shirtless Geezer) kept telling me how great this CrossFit thing was, so I checked out a few videos online and I thought there is No Way in Hell I could do any of that. Despite my initial trepidations I came in and tried a “WOD” and was hooked.

What is your favourite movement?
I have several… Deadlifts, Ring Dips (finally got ONE without a band this week!), Toes To Bar, and believe it or not, Sit-ups.

Can you explain the BROmance that’s been happening in the gym?
Cricket protein bars have strange side effects.

If you could omit ONE movement from CrossFit altogether, which would it be?
Damn burpees!

Why do you still CrossFit?
This guy Charly keeps accusing me of sandbagging so I have to keep coming back to prove him wrong. Seriously though, I enjoy walking into the gym to find out what today’s WOD is and maybe I don’t always finish or do as well as I had wanted to, but it’s always a challenge for me to do better than I did yesterday, and often with the group’s and coach’s encouragement I do more reps or weight than I thought I could and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Has CrossFit helped you overcome any hurdles in your life?
Losing weight is a big hurdle for me. I find when I do regular WOD’s I’m more mindful and focused on what I eat, as I don’t want to negate any of the hard work I’ve just done by making poor food choices.

Any advice you’d give to someone new trying CrossFit?
Focus on what you’re doing, not on what the person next to you is doing. You’re only competing with yourself, not everyone else. Give 100%, even when you don’t feel like it. At the end of the WOD, you’ll be glad you did. Listen to the coaches, they know what they’re talking about.