Member Spotlight:

When did you start CrossFit? 
Violet must have harassed me for an entire YEAR straight to join CrossFit. “What are you doing after work today Eb, wanna come to CrossFit?”  “Eb’s, when’s your next day off, you coming to CrossFit?”

“Ebonie, what you got planned next week….you should really come to CrossFit?”  She was relentless.  It was ALL she EVER talked about.  “Wah…my butt hurts from CrossFit.  Wah…my legs…”  “CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit, CROSSFIT!!!!”  It got to the point where I avoided this girl at work, so I wouldn’t have to hear her talk about CrossFit.  In the words of Kevin Hart….  “Nooooooooooooo, she wasn’t Readyyyyyyyyyy!!!”  So, Violet kicked it up a notch and got the very handsome Mike Cruz to relay the message about an up and coming on-ramp deal that was starting in the New Year and because it was Mikey, I listened & my 1st day was January 12, 2015. I weighed 235.6 lbs on that day and now almost a year later I’m sitting at 165lbs!  (Beyonce Voice “Feeling Myself”)  Thank you CrossFit and thank you Violet, for NEVER giving up on me.

What was your first impression of CrossFit?
It was FREEZING ❄  The first day I came in to check it out and…  Not sure if you noticed the color of my skin but my people…  We don’t do cold temperatures.  All joking aside, it gave me comfort in seeing so many different shapes, sizes & age groups busting ass, doing these Olympic lifts, running, burpees, sweating, bleeding and crying.  It looked like fun times.  I was pretty eff’n nervous and I didn’t think I’d last a week.

What has been your biggest challenge since crossfitting?
I had 2…  Burpees and double unders.  Two movements that I feel are a complete waste of time.  I have learned to accept and embrace the burpee but double unders… “ain’t no body got time for that!”

What makes you keep coming back to FMCF?
Have u seen Violet’s a$$?  Isn’t that reason enough??? Ha!  No, it’s because I feel bad ass lifting heavy shitttt!  It’s the people…  Charly, my 9am’ers, the coaches, the atmosphere, the music, the motivation I get every single day, from the bad ass individuals killin’ it right beside me. It’s my everything right now and it’s the only thing that has EVER worked for me.

If you were stranded on an island, who (in this gym) would you want to survive with? Why?
Is this a serious question???  Okay, um…  Steven.  He watches Harry Potter, so he has to have taken some of those magical abilities into his everyday life.  He could probably build a fire and I don’t know fly.  Then, Coach Adam.  I’ve seen him do muscle ups, sooooo….he could climb tall trees and get us coconuts.  Charly, because he’s the slowest eater on earth and gets distracted easily from finishing his meal.  Therefore, I’ll finish his meal for him and be well fed.  Lastly, Bips.  She’s just funny and in a situation like that, I’ll need a good laugh.  I would say Violet because she’s one of my friends but she a princess and honestly, she can’t even boil water sooo… NO!

Any advice you can give to someone new to FMCF?
Always sign in, unless you enjoy doing burpees, learn people’s name and introduce yourself, unless you like doing burpees, try not to get too intimidated no matter how many juice monkeys (Coach Adam) are WOD-ing beside you.  You too can become a juice monkey one day.