Member Spotlight: Emin Smajic

When and Why did you first start CrossFit?

I started in July 2011. I wanted to get in shape and lose weight. I tried regular gyms and did not lose much weight but gained more strength plus it was boring. Then I started running which I never liked but still dropped almost 100 pounds but lost all of my strength. Half of that weight came back with a vengeance and I knew I needed to try something else. A friend mentioned CrossFit and sent me few links… and I decided to give it a try.

Why doing you keep doing it, what keeps you coming back?

CrossFit became an integral part of my life. It keeps me sharp (but not on time) and I am in the best shape of my life. It is a great community, my second home! I am looking forward to seeing my crew in the morning. Also, every day is a new challenge. You are discovering new areas for improvement and you see that you can do more and more and not only in the gym. It positively impacted all other areas. I picked up mountain biking, hiking and anything else that came my way with ease. And when people say “wow, you did not break a sweat – how come?” I proudly say I do CrossFit!

What advice do you have for those new to CrossFit?

First: Show up! When you show up everything else is taken care of (another beauty of CrossFit). And show up for more than three times a week. When I started I was coming three times a week and that was good in the beginning. But then it was just enough for maintenance but no new progress. When I started coming four times a week I noticed significant progress.

Second: You cannot out train your bad eating habits. There is a lot of resources on what to eat and numerous diets. You need to own it and stick with it. When I tuned up my diet it propelled me to do stuff that was out of reach for long time.

Top 3 favourite movements:  Wall balls, bench press, hanging power clean

Top 3 least favourite movement: Inch worms, clean and jerk, lunges (Coaches, don’t get any ideas…)