Member Spotlight: Erica Meagher

When and Why did you first start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in 2012 after realizing I needed to be in better shape to face the potential of caring for my son long term.

Why do you keep doing it, what keeps you coming back?

Community, and knowing that giving whatever you have when you show up is enough for that day, and there will always be tomorrow.

What advice do you have for those new to CrossFit?

Don’t be afraid to start, it’s the hardest step, but one you will never regret.  You have a community of supportive people waiting for you to help you find the better version of yourself you’ve been searching for.

Top 3 favourite movements:

Lifting – can that be one movement?

Kettlebell swings – every day I get one step closer to swinging the heavy bells again.

Burpees – ha ha ha, don’t hate me for this, I grew up playing volleyball and it was the one movement that separated the good players from the great ones – I lived everyday to get more under my belt so my tomorrow would be stronger than my opponents.

Top 3 least favourite movement:

Push-ups – love hate relationship – I am determined to shift this to my favourites list someday.

Rowing – and this is what my injury has relegated my to relying on for fitness…bring it, I am going to beat this goat if it’s that last thing I do.

Leaving anything on the table – it isn’t a movement, but my biggest struggle is misjudging a weight or a scaling option and feeling like I had more in the tank at the end of a WOD.  I have a feeling this is something that is a lifelong struggle with CrossFit, and am happy to have this be on my goat list as I continue to make progress in this incredible sport. burpees, burpees and burpees!! Wall balls and lunges are in there too.