Member Spotlight: Joe Adam

When and Why did you first start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in August 2016 because I was looking for a push, a challenge of some sort, I wanted to test my limit and strength. I became complacent at the gym, unmotivated and felt I wasn’t achieving any goals. I tried a few different things and wasn’t so sure what to expect with CrossFit, and I haven’t stepped into a regular gym since my first day at FMCF.

Why doing you keep doing it, what keeps you coming back?

I expected to get my ass kicked day in and day out but what I didn’t expect was to find such a tight and close community amongst athletes. It’s so refreshing to see that everyone checks their egos at the door and works towards their individual goals but also very supportive of one another. Truly aspiring experience and glad to be a part of it. Also most importantly the support I continue to receive from each coach.

What advice do you have for those new to CrossFit?

My advice to those starting would be to just go for it and push yourself, test your strength as you’ll quickly realize you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I’ve experienced with my own eyes progression from those starting out. Also be patient. Don’t expect immediate results. Treat CrossFit as a journey and you’ll see progress.

Top 3 favourite movements:  dislocates, reverse dislocates, and pike walks

Top 3 least favourite movement: Double-unders, HSPUs, and toes to bar…anything I haven’t perfected yet