Member Spotlight: Kristine Hatfield

When did you start CrossFit?
I started CrossFit somewhere around April 2009.

Why did you start CrossFit?
A friend of mine, who I climbed with, injured a tendon in one of his fingers so that put him out of commission for climbing. We’d climb pretty much every weekend and that was his excuse to get out of going to CrossFit with his wife – who was already an avid CrossFitter. After Scott was at CrossFit for about 3 months he returned to climbing and was a monster – more so than he had already been before. It took another month or so for me to finally cave and agree to go. Like most people, listening to him tell me about it just had me wondering why on earth I’d want to put myself through something that sounded so awful! I went to a class with him and was hooked, signed up for a 25 class package right away.

What’s your least favourite movement?
Hmmm, I don’t think the air dyne is considered a “movement” so I’ll have to go with thrusters. They kick my ass every time, no matter how many or at what weight.

What’s the highlight of your CrossFit career thus far?
Hahaha, could you ask a more leading question?!? Aside from opening my own CrossFit gym, without a doubt the highlight of my “competitive” CrossFit career has to be competing at the 2014 Masters CrossFit Games. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world! Now I just have to stay in one piece so I can get there again….. Pretty cool J However, the true highlight of my CrossFit career is the first time a member came to me and thanked me for helping them change their life. I never saw myself as the type to “help others” or have a lot of “compassion” (some – many – would argue I still lack that, haha) and that moment made me realize that I do have that in me and just needed to be in the right place with the right people and for the right reasons. At that moment, I knew I loved coaching to simply help people realize their true potential.

If you could throwdown a WOD with any CrossFitter in the world, who would it be and why?
That’s an easy one, it would have to be Brett Rogers purely for the smack talk that would ensue….. Seriously though, that’s a good question.   There are any number of male CrossFitters that I could mention, like Tyson Takasaki, but that is purely for oh-so-selfish reasons! So, I pick Canada’s own Michele Letendre. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and compete with Michele and would love to do so again. She is an amazing role model, a very genuine and gracious person – and one hell of a beast!!

Favourite cheat meal?
Favourite TREAT meal, “cheat” has such a negative connotation and makes it sound like it’s something to be ashamed of or feel badly about having. We all deserve to have a treat once in a while and mine is any one of the wonderfully messy sloppy burgers at Woody’s and their sweet potato fries. To die for! If they had cheesecake there, I’d be having that too!

Any advice for someone new trying out CrossFit?
There is always LOTS of advice! From a coach’s standpoint: don’t be in a rush. Take the time to get technique right first and the rest will come. There’s lots of time for big numbers and fast times but not if you wreck yourself first. From a CrossFitter’s standpoint: We all started somewhere with this! We were all the “new guy” at one point and understand what new CrossFitters experience so when someone tells you that things do get better (not easier!), believe them. When someone tells you how they also used to struggle with certain movements, believe them, and then believe that you too can overcome and reach your goals. Patience is the key!