Member Spotlight: Randy Batangantang

When did you start CrossFit?
I started January 2015

Why did you start CrossFit?
A while back I knew I wanted a change myself so for all of 2015 I said yes to just about anything anybody put in front of me.  One of the many things I said yes to that year was to do a Spartan race.  So I knew I was not in shape to be able to compete.  I had not worked out in years.  I didn’t want to struggle through the race and feel winded.  So I had to find some way that would make me overall fit and lifting weights at the local GoodLife wasn’t going to work.  So I found the closest CrossFit gym and joined.  I haven’t looked back since.

What’s your least favourite workout that you remember?
That’s easy… Karen!  (150 Wall Balls).  I hate Karen with a passion!
What’s on your “bucket list” of to dos in CrossFit?
Where so I start…
Double unders
Increase my Front / back squat
Strict ring muscle ups
Improve core
Improve mobility

What’s your greatest accomplishment so far?
– Competing in the open and actually finishing in the top half for my age group
– Doing my first bar muscle up
– losing 18lbs

How has CrossFit helped you in your personal life?
CrossFit has made a huge impact in my life.  It’s given me confidence.  With the confidence I’m able to do more physical activities and not afraid to try.  I also feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  I’m lighter and faster than I’ve ever been.  I definitely have more energy overall than I have in the past.  Playing hockey I’m able to push harder than I have in the past because I don’t feel as fatigued.  I am able to recover from my shifts a lot faster.

Why do you keep coming back to CrossFit?
Sure I do it for the personal fitness and the personal challenges.  Honestly the thing that motivates to go to the gym are the people.  There are many days I don’t feel like coming to the gym but it’s the people that makes me go.  When you’re in that dark place and you think OMG I can’t do this and you feel like you’re the only one.  You look around the room and you realize I’m not alone.  Couldn’t survive those workouts without the people.
I love the feeling of accomplishment you have at the end.  There are many days you look at the white board and you think how am I going to do that.  It seems like such a huge mountain to climb but at the end when you’re on the floor dying for air you say to yourself.  “I did it!”  I love that feeling.

Any advice for newbies?
– Don’t be afraid to start from the beginning
– Always write down your one rep maxes.  LOL
– Listen to your body.  It’s better to walk away and be able to work out another day.
– It never gets easier.  It just sucks less!