Being competitive by nature and heavily involved in sports at a very young age, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing someone succeed (whether it’s from the skill that they want to learn, to competitions, to their respective sports and in life in general). Knowing that you have contributed to their success is my accomplishment/s too. That’s my goal here at FMCF.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • CrossFit Level 1 Training Instructor


  • Favourite Lift:Clean and Jerk, OR another favourite movement?-THRUSTERS!

  • Least Favourite Movement:I can’t think of anything to be honest. I continue to love and embrace all my weaknesses. So I just keep working on them.

  • WOD Favourite:You mean WOD”S”?? “DT”; “Murph”;”Elizabeth”;”Linda”. So many, anything that is challenging (so I guess all?) Every WOD is different which makes it exciting!

  • WOD Least Favourite: Nothing really, I’m always excited for a WOD. Whatever is in the menu