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One Rep Better

As CrossFitters we are expected to be good at everything, but for ninety percent of us this is an unrealistic expectation. We all have those exercises we hate. Usually, hatred for a particular movement is directly correlated with our ability to efficiently and effectively complete that movement. Simply, we hate the movements we suck at. […]

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WOD – June 15, 2015

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WOD – June 14, 2015

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WOD – June 13, 2015

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WOD – June 12, 2015

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WOD – June 11, 2015

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WOD – June 10, 2015

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Obsessing Over Numbers

CrossFitters love numbers.  In boxes around the world people are talking about their Fran time, their max. deadlift, how many rounds of Cindy they can do, etc.  If you CrossFit, you know what I mean.  But sometimes in our quest go faster, lift more, and get more work done we make compromises in our movements.  […]

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Keeping yourself functional

While I’m not at the gym much lately, every time I am people come up to me asking how they can solve some nagging ache or pain that they have been experiencing. For most people shoulder/bicep issues tend to  be a main complaint but for some it is lower extremity as well. So here is […]

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GPP vs. Specializing

CrossFit focuses on general physical preparedness which means that we as CrossFitters should be able to perform just about any task that is set out for us. As we progress though our CrossFit journey, we often find certain things we like and certain things we are not so crazy about. Some of us gravitate towards […]

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