Where the Magic Happens!

Are you looking for a challenge and wanting to step up your game? Perhaps you trying to figure out just where to start with your fitness?  Are you bored with the regular routine of a traditional gym?  Bust out of that rut or dust of your shoes and join us for our daily CrossFit classes.  Our CrossFit classes are programmed intelligently with the safety and progress of our members in mind.  Come in and work on (or start building!) your coordination, balance, agility, power, strength,
speed, and endurance with our daily workouts.

Classes run each day at multiple times to accommodate varying schedules.  Each CrossFit class is led by our experienced, passionate, empathetic and humorous coaches.  Our coaches are here to walk you through the warm up, mobility, strength, and the Workout of the Day (WOD).  Every workout can be scaled up, or down, depending on your physical level of ability.  Expect each class to be filled with motivation, encouragement, the occasional F-bomb, laughter, and plenty of high fives!  Come experience the magic with us!

Please register online for daily CrossFit classes.
Class sizes will be capped at 20 participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! CrossFit is the place to start getting in shape for CrossFit. No matter your level of physical fitness, CrossFit is for everyone. You will work to your own level of ability. If you are new, or returning, to exercise we will be able to scale workouts to match your ability. The goal is for you to have a great workout each day, learn new things, work hard and have fun!
Absolutely! Your first class is free. Simply call or email us to let us know which class you would like to sign up for and you can try a class with no obligations. It is important that you are comfortable with our coaches, our environment and CrossFit before deciding if Full Metal CrossFit is the right place for you. We are so confident that you will be amazed so we are willing to provide a trial class at no cost to you!
As with any sport, or just walking the dog, there is a risk of injury. Each CrossFit class is led by our experienced coaches. Their purpose is to ensure you are able to perform movements with correct technique and proper scaling to ensure you get in a good workout and with your safety in mind.
Yes! We will work with you to modify, or avoid all together, any movements that you are not able to perform due to a previous injury. The goal is to ensure you have a great workout within your own capabilities. You will never be asked to do something that you are not physically able to do!