Competitive Drive – The good, the bad and the ugly.

One of the things that interested me, and continues to keep me motivated in CrossFit is that competitive feeling when WODDING with friends. The friendly chirping that keeps you pushing just a littler harder during the workout. Having those types of people around you, pushing you to get better, to be better is an awesome feeling.

But I have also seen the other side of the competitive nature of CrossFit. When statements like “I SHOULD be doing better”, “Everyone else is finishing way before me”, “I am NEVER going to be able to do this” when looking at the whiteboard. This is when it’s important to take a step back and remember YOUR own goals and progress. Take a look at the your results for the past year (cause – you are recording your results, right 🙂 ), and see how far you’ve come.

There will always be someone faster than you, someone that lifts heavier than you, and someone that can do those complex movements with ease. There will also always be someone slower, someone that can’t do movements that you can (because you worked on them) and is taking longer to finish the workout.

That’s the beauty of CrossFit – it’s a never ending journey. The end goal is about your own health and fitness. The only competition you have is the face staring back at you in the mirror. Take pride in the process, and always support those around you.


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