Goals – Big and Small

Setting goals is important – both in and out of the gym. Giving yourself something to work towards helps motivate you – and keeps you focused on positive progress towards that goal. That’s why it’s important to set smart, achievable goals. In the gym – this could be something as straight forward as – “I am going to make it in to workout three times this week”. An achievable goal, and a goal that has an impact does not have to be complicated. Things like ring muscle ups, double unders or signing up for a local competition are also great things to work towards – make sure reasonable timelines are put into place to reach those. And be willing to put the work in for those longer range targets.

Share your goals with your friends and your coaches…they will help keep you accountable and moving forward. Be sure to support others around you with their goals too – never judge what others are trying to do. Respect that everyone around you is trying to get better, and provide any encouragement you can.

Your goals are YOURS — celebrate them and everyone else’s. Get out there today and start working on your today.


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