No Quick Fix

We are constantly bombarded with a countless number of “quick fixes” to our health problems.

– “Want to lose weight – take these pills”
– “Have back pain – use this new device”
– “8 min abs….”

You get the idea. The reality is – there is no quick fix to our long term health and fitness. Being healthy shouldn’t be something that we run away from or despise. Finding something that you ENJOY is the key. I know after I am finished a workout – no matter if it was 5 minutes long or 45 minutes long – I feel fantastic. Part of that is because I love what I do, I love the challenge of CrossFit – and how my body (and mind) feel afterwards (well…maybe not RIGHT after it’s over 🙂 ). There are so many benefits – physical and mental from taking care of ourselves – there has to be a better understanding that no pill or magic device will give the same result.

It’s time to change your mindset and make exercise something you CAN’T WAIT to do. You want to cut out early from work to get at it, or wake up early to start the weekend right – or get your friends together to go to class, do a Tough Mudder, or play outside. Make watching GAME OF THRONES your reward for a great workout – not replace your workout.

Put down the phone, turn off the TV and invest that time in yourself. Your kids will thank you, your partner will thank you, your co-workers will than you. The benefits to your physical and mental well being are priceless.


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