Volume vs Intensity?

You finished the workout, looking around everyone else is flat on their back in the standard CrossFit “Recovery” position – except you. You’re thinking – “maybe I’ll just hit another WOD”. Are you that much of a beast that you can do multiple workouts in one day? Sorry to burst your bubble – but you may be missing the point of a CrossFit WOD.

As Greg Glassman said “Be impressed with intensity, not volume”. The goal of a WOD in CrossFit is to do more work in less time – not more work in more time. All of our workouts at Full Metal CrossFit are programmed with a time domain in mind. Our coaches will work with members to ensure that they have the appropriate weight and movement modifications to ensure a proper level of intensity is achieved – in the desired time frame. Modifying a workout to get the appropriate level of intensity – is not a negative and will get you the best results at the end of the day.

A great example is the classic CrossFit workout – FRAN (21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull ups). If you took 10 minutes to do Fran, and then did another workout because “10 minutes wasn’t enough” – you didn’t perform Fran with intensity. If you had, you would be on your back. Likewise – you will not reap the intended benefits of the workout. (CrossFit Journal – 2016)

Sure – you see Games level or Competitive Level athletes do multiple workouts in a day. BUT – these athletes are able to maintain the appropriate level of intensity for every workout – and they require this level of training. For all the rest of us (the 99.9%) – we need to hit the ONE workout that day as hard as we can. Our coaches will guide you appropriately, so we get the best out of you – and you get the best results.


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