A journey 10 years in the making


Every journey starts with that first step! All of the members of Full Metal CrossFit clearly remember their first step into our gym. How nervous and unsure they were – scared they were not “fit” enough, afraid they would get hurt. That was me – a little over 10 years ago as I stepped foot into what was then “Square One CrossFit”. I was 37 years old and not in the best of shape (as noted in my BEFORE picture). I was pushing just over 200 lbs and didn’t do any kind of fitness, other than walking to and from my car. I ate horribly and still “socially smoked”. Not the picture of health by any means.

I decided I needed to make a change, and the owner – Coach Kristine – (who was a friend of a friend at the time) reached out and offered to introduce me to the world of CrossFit. This was early 2010 and CrossFit was still very new, I had no idea what I was getting into. Needless to say those first few workouts were a complete eye opener. I had never been so sore, and was totally unsure why I was doing this to myself. But – after a few weeks I did start to notice changes. The workouts were still brutal, and I was modifying pretty much everything – but I was getting a bit better. I was actually looking FORWARD to coming into the gym. The people in the gym (coaches and members) were all so supportive.

Week by week I was feeling better, and the changes were noticeable. My “pot belly” was disappearing fast – and after some time, I had a reputation of “losing” my shirt mid workout. Never had I imagined having the confidence to do that – and now, well – for those that know me, some things never change.

It now been over 10 years since I first walked into a CrossFit gym – and over that time my passion for CrossFit, and the impact it has on people, has grown – from member, to coach – and now to Owner of that very same Box (now Full Metal CrossFit). Helping educate people that it’s never too late to start your own journey. Making health and fitness a priority does not have an expiry date. If your 25, 45, 55 or 65 – you can and should keep active.

I started at 37 years old, other members in the gym have come back in at 30, 40, 50 and all across the board. They are either getting back into shape – or starting out for the very first time. I love being able to relate to that journey – and to see it play out as they continually surprise themselves at what their body can accomplish.

I never get tired of hearing an excited member telling me how they could keep up with their kids, or have more energy or hit that half marathon. It’s what keeps me going and motivated. It’s the passion that drove me to want to coach, and to eventually take the leap into ownership.

No journey is without it’s hardships – but I look back at where I started – and more importantly – how many people I’ve been able to have some impact on their health and fitness – it’s simply amazing. By always being reminded of my “WHY”, busting through those hardships is just like any other WOD!


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